Trade Exhibitions and Fairs

Trade fairs and exhibitions usually attract thousands of visitors and many potential buyers among them. So foreign trade associations of Russia never lose a chance to exhibit their products at international fairs and exhibitions both abroad and at home. They help promote our goods to new markets and launch new products in the markets already developed.

A great deal of profitable business is done at commercial centers at the exhibitions: new contacts are made, new transactions are concluded, new orders are placed and new markets are established.

This work goes on after the exhibitions as well: enquiries are sent out for the goods our national economy requires and offers are made for the products; our new contacts are interested in.

There are traditional fairs and exhibitions that are held annually, for example, the Leipzig fair that is organized twice a year – in spring and in autumn in Germany, the Plodiv fair in Bulgaria, the Zagreb fair in Croatia or the Nizhegorodskaya fair in Nizhny Novgorod.

Also, there are fairs and exhibitions devoted to scientific achievements in this or that field of national economy. They are called accordingly: “Chemistry-2012”, “Information and Electronics”, “Building-2012”. About 2000 international fairs and exhibitions are held in various cities of Russia every year.

The chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation is responsible for organizing fairs and exhibitions in our country and arranging participation of our associations and enterprises in fairs and exhibitions abroad.